Latoyia Jones


MAX Mobile Apps entered into a partnership with Latoyia Jones where she will put all of her acquired skills to work as the National MAX Mobile Apps Model specializing in Celebrity Profile Apps.


 Sharp, ambitious, passionate and professional are just a few words to describe the illuminating character of Latoyia Jones. By implementing her innate abilities to inspire, guide and enthuse, Latoyia has forged a conduit in the precise course towards professional stardom.  Her desire is to be viewed as a successful and respected entertainer in the industry whether she is singing, modeling, acting or casted for voice-over work.

Originally born and raised in Michigan, Latoyia currently resides in Florida where she also attended Remington College. Prior to attending college, she took drama classes at the Detroit Repertory thereby improving upon her acting skills. While her personality clearly displays confidence, her encouragement came from her father who had a strong belief in her talents; especially singing. Being driven by her determination, it landed her the opportunity to open for Grammy Award-winning R&B sensation Monica.

Latoyia has appeared on stage, television and film with hopes to continue to have more credits to her name in years to come. She has also appeared in several magazines and held numerous promotions jobs as a professional model. 


The consciousness of an actor’s mind is unconfined to the many ways it can be stimulated. And the ability of that individual to mold an idea into something tangible occurs in a mixture of forms. Latoyia's inspirations are not only motivated from life's encounters, but also from people; persons who have reached a particular level or just someone special. Too many to specify, Whitney Houston was always Latoyia's mentor when it came to vocals. And through the years, other artists and actors come along to inspire her in their own unique way.

As extensive as the gamut of entertainment has become, it will still not be sufficient until Latoyia's contribution has been impressed upon others. Latoyia is fresh, honest, sassy and smart.  She will be the actress that others aspire to become. She can contribute her many acquired and natural vocals, writing, and acting skills as well as her diligent work ethic to entertainment. Latoyia wants to be as unique as possible because of the many talented people she would be competing against for high-quality roles. And even though many actors have different agendas, Latoyia is adamant that all can work together to accomplish success.

Latoyia's goals and aspirations are simple, yet simplicity sometimes speaks volumes. She wants to be successful and happy; two attributes notwithstanding argument.  Latoyia would like to eventually become a recognized, respected and viable actress and performer and once established, she wants to make the most of her blessings to help those who are less fortunate. Latoyia walks with blinders, her peripheral vision barren. For that, she is able to view what is in front of her without any disturbance of what she has surpassed. Latoyia is ready for what is to come and the unknown makes for a more stimulating quest in which, she would have no other way.

Here are some of Latoyia's recent accomplishments: In the last three years (2008-2010), Latoyia has been on the cover of two national novels, and has hosted many major celebrities’ birthday and event parties. She has spoken at schools to young teens in cities which includes Lansing (MI), Port Richey (FL), and Spring Hill (FL) just to name a few.

Latoyia's big heart and many talents will for sure carry her in any direction she wants to go with no limitations.

Keep an eye on this Triple Threat Diva and watch her shine.

Latoyia is ready to take MAX Mobile Apps to a global recognition brand, specializing in sports and entertainment.